“Steps to the Summit is an exquisitely written, epic story that encompasses all the human attributes and personal characteristics that make up the life of a champion. Paul Fejtek masterfully guides us to find a game plan of our own by giving us straightforward steps to follow to reach our SUMMIT of success. Without question, this book will help you get there. Hold on for the climb of your life!”
~ Bill Walton, Basketball Hall of Famer & Emmy Award Winning Sportscaster
“Steps to the Summit has it all… Awe-inspiring adventure, no-nonsense business advice, suspenseful entertainment, and even a true love story for the romantic in all of us. Having spent time with Paul & Denise Fejtek, I can honestly say their story will touch you and inspire you to conquer any mountains in your life, no matter how high!”
~ Jenna Wolfe, Co-Anchor & National Correspondent, NBC Today Show
“Paul’s book, Steps to the Summit is a fascinating read on human psychology, and what it takes to overcome all obstacles. Our company specializes in equipping people for outdoor sports and adventures; this book will equip you for success in business and life! We like it so much, we’ve made it required reading for all of our management team.”
~ Craig Levra, President / CEO, Sport Chalet, Inc.
“If you are looking to overcome your life’s challenges, Paul Fejtek can help you find your courage and creativity. He delivers empowering ‘Steps’ to lead you to your goals, within a riveting story of triumphant adventure.”
~ Aron Ralston, Mountaineer, Speaker, and Subject of the Major Motion Picture 127 Hours

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Recent Comments and Reviews

  1. Colin G Campbell from Manhattan Beach says:

    A truly remarkable and inspiring story. The book is full of wonderful lessons, relevant to life just as much as they are to business. This should be required reading in B-School.

  2. Jane Gissi from Newport Beach says:

    Knowing the author and his wife for over 15 years, I’ve lived vicariously through them. Paul’s writing style made me feel as though I was right there on the mountains with them and in the Board Room with Paul in my professional life. The book is a true joy to read and celebrate the selflessness of these two individuals for a very deserving cause.

  3. Nicole McClinton from Los Angeles says:

    I found this book to be both inspiring, and reminiscent of Endurance, the Shackleton story. As with Endurance, but even more pointingly so, Paul has encapsulated the steps needed to reach one’s personal summit, and has crystallized the vision of making your dreams a reality. I particularly found his advice cogent as I am working on my own personal summit of finishing my first novel! I intend to share this book with colleagues and friends!

  4. Beth Sanden from San Clemente says:

    Paul,…you have inspired me to take on my own “Quest” for Challenged Athletes Foundation. Reading your book confirmed what I wanted to do over a year ago but I needed your and Denise’s encouragement
    to follow through! Thank you for helping me to make this commitment!

  5. Paul M. Whisenand, Ph.D from San Clemente, California says:

    I have been a leadership consultant and trainer for over 40 years. My clients are in the law enforcement management sector and I am recommending this book to each of them as an inspiration and example of break-through leadership.

  6. Robin O'Connor from Costa Mesa says:

    From the crevasse close call on Denali to the daunting summit of the majestic Everest, Paul and Denise’s journey is one of personal and professional discovery, growth and triumph.
    How does one get to the Summit? One step at a time! A terrific read for would-be adventurers and those looking for a “map” to their own personal summit. Paul tells their story with humor and sensitivity. He manages to nudge the inner athlete in all of us mere mortals. A great read!

  7. Julie Hoppe from San Diego says:

    Paul’s documentation of the “Steps to the Summit” is easily incorporated into anyone’s life. Whether your challenges are personal, professional, athletic and/or emotional, Paul’s recommendations will assist you on your journey and ensure success. “Steps to the SUMMIT” is entertaining and insightful – a recommended read to everyone.

  8. Blake Barash from Newport Beach CA says:

    Steps to the Summit is an amazing story! Dramatic twists and unexpected events on every mountain. This is a must read for anyone who has personal goals they want to achieve.

  9. David Hines from Babson Park says:

    As a college freshman in business school trying to absorb best-practice principles, I read Paul’s book with voracity. The distillation of life and business experience contains rich content and abounding opportunities for introspection. As a result of reading “Steps to the Summit,” I have changed the way I approach problem solving and personal development. As Paul and Denise ascended all Seven Summits, I felt I confronted challenges and blazed new trails alongside them. The book is a must-share with any outdoor enthusiast, budding entrepreneur, Eagle Scout, or business tycoon.

  10. Kelly Fallucca from Newport Beach says:

    Paul and his wife are two of the most dynamic people I have ever met. I admire Paul because he is an amazing athlete, selfless in contributing to his cause and an enterprising business person. As a marketing and business development executive, I am elated to endorse Paul’s book because he takes the reader on a very personal and intimate journey of their travels, his love for his wife and climbing partner, then leaves the reader with action steps to succeed in life and in business. This is must read for anyone looking inspiration or guide map to success. Thank you Paul.

  11. Jason Lubin from Los Angeles, CA says:

    This is truly a remarkable story and a great read. It is quite amazing that Paul has done with one able arm, what most people in their lives won’t attempt to do with two. The reflections of other members of his team at the end of the book were great as well. I left inspired to reach my own SUMMITs in life and am determined to achieve them.

  12. Jim Campbell from Redondo Beach, CA says:

    Not just a great story but an awesome couple. They have a lot about life figured out and share that!!

  13. Burr Dalton from Manhattan Beach says:

    Talk about a story to get you off your couch and get going! Truly inspirational and enjoyable tale.

  14. Jan from La Canada, CA says:

    Steps to the Summitt is more than another book describing the difficulties in reaching the highest mountain on earth. The author Paul Fejtek brings another exciting dimension to the table as he and his wife Denise had climbed the highest peaks on all the other continents before tackling Everest. Through Paul’s unique style, he recounts the many interactions with a multitude of people that touched his and Denise’s life from the planning, the preparation and the ultimate goal in reaching the summit. This young couple is also to be congratulated for making the trek not just for their own satisfaction but to help raise a considerable amount of money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

    Paul’s other objective was to draw on his own experiences as a successful business consultant to draw parallels between what it takes to succeed in both business and virtually any other facet of our life to reach the top. The book was very enjoyable and should appeal to pretty much all ages.

    Jan Macho La Canada, CA

  15. Mari Simonson from Huntington Beach says:

    I just purchased the book. I’m so looking forward to reading it. Challenged Athletes Foundation holds a special place in our hearts…..they have been so supportive of our son’s athletic achievements.

  16. Robin A O'Connor from Costa Mesa says:

    From beginning to end “Steps to the Summit” takes you on a journey of courage, conviction and love. Paul and Denise’ adventure is a great read for experienced
    mountaineers and casual hiking day dreamers alike! Woven into the adventure are life lessons not soon forgotten. Through video clips that take the reader to the edge of the crevasse, Paul shares the steps to make even the dream of Everest, a reality! A terrific read and a welcome gift for all the dreamers, adventurers and athletes in your life.

  17. Todd Rubinstein from Encino says:

    We were in the room with greatness today! We at The Executives, Major support group for the LA Jewish Home, had them speak to a packed room at El Caballero Country Club this morning for charity.Their experiences and stories are truly inspiring. Many books (Steps to the Summit) were sold (to benefit CAF) and they even donated a bit back to our charity. Keep telling your story guys.